Chris Brown’s dad doesn’t want to see him with Rihanna again

Most of the world thought Rihanna was more than a little off balance when she started dating Chris Brown again after that wicked beating she took at his hands a few years ago. According to the Huffington Post on April 28, there’s someone a lot closer to the situation who doesn’t want to see the two together again either. That would be Clinton Brown, Chris Brown’s dad.

“I personally really didn’t want him and Rihanna back together,” Clinton, 48, said in an exclusive interview with the New York Daily News. “I hate to use examples, but Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse — I mean I could go on and on!,” continued the man who split from Brown’s mother when Chris was six years old, but is reportedly still very much present in his life. “Is that a given — that you can’t have fortune and fame without [death] being the end result?”

Both singers have taken heat over their on-again, off-again relationship, most women and women’s groups feeling that Rihanna is setting a bad example for other young women by dating her abuser. In an interview withRolling Stone magazine in January, Rihanna clearly stated, “It’s different now. We don’t have those types of arguments anymore. We talk about s**t. We value each other. We know exactly what we have now, and we don’t want to lose that. He doesn’t have the luxury of f***ing up again.”

Chris Brown has his own take on the situation. In an interview with Ryan Seacrest in March, he said, “I just tried my best to be the best man I could be over the years and just show her how remorseful and sorry I was for the incident. She’s a wonderful person and I’m eternally grateful and thankful [for her forgiveness].”

Still, Chris’s dad is of the opinion that the relationship is not balanced. He feels relationships like these often end badly. In light of his disapproval regarding his son’s relationship with Rihanna, does dad have anybody else in mid for Chris? Yes, he does, actually. “American Idol” winnerJordin Sparks is his choice. “She’s a wholesome young lady, very pretty.”

What do you think? Is Chris Brown’s dad correct in his assessment of this relationship? Or did Rihanna do the right thing by giving Chris another chance? Leave a comment with your opinion below.


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