Wiz khalifa addresses the cheating accusations


Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa has stepped forward to silence chatter about him possibly cheating on his fiancée Amber Rose just months after they welcomed their first child together.

Rather than dig deep into the allegations, Khalifa simply claimed his Instagram account fell victim to a hacker over the weekend.

“Oh, whoever hacced my instagram is a tool and i feel sorry for your mother,” Wiz tweeted June 16th. (Wiz Khalifa’s Twitter)

According to various rumor posts, an Instagram incident sparked the accusations.

Uh oh, did new daddy Wiz Khalifa get caught cheating on Amber Rose on Instagram? Wiz’s Instagram account is “Mister Cap” and the rapper liked a few of photos from a young model. Everything was innocent until he left his phone number under one of her photos! Now, no one knows for sure if he’s cheating or recruiting females for a new video. However, if he is cheating, all I have to say is does he not see what he has in Amber Rose? Let’s hope there’s no truth to this! (Hot 97)

Some gossip sites suggest Khalifa may still have been behind the actual Instagram post.

Naturally, Wiz wasn’t too enthused about the allegations and took to his Twitter to respond shortly after the story began spread around cyberspace. Hmmmm. Wiz sure is taking this allegation with a grain of salt by only responding with “I was hacked.” Do you think he’s telling the truth, Bossip fam? Or he playing it cool as part of damage control and trying to cover his azz ’cause he got caught? (Bossip)

Last fall, Wiz talked about his love for Amber and never falling for any potential lusts.

“He’s so special,” Amber says of her man. “These b*tches shouldn’t even be around him. 

They’re not cool enough to be in his presence. It’s like, ew, stay away.” And stay away he does. “I don’t look at no girls. All I look at is my fiancée,” says Wiz. “I don’t got no reason to look at other girls. It’s weird to some people, but to us it’s the right thing. It’s how much we love each other.” Just how much does Wiz love Amber? He doesn’t even peep cell phone pictures of groupies. “Groupies? I don’t do that,” he says with disdain. “My girl said to me, ‘Baby, these b*tches don’t even deserve to breathe your air.’ And I was like, ‘You know what? You right.'” Call it another sort of balancing act. (Complex)

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