Kanye West Allegedly Punched Teen More Then 30 Times While Kim K Watched!

– McKaileah Lee

This Story Just Keeping Getting More And More Intense. It Was Reported Earlier In The Week,  A 18 Year Old Apparently Called Kim Kardashian A ” N***** Lover ” And Reportedly Threatened To Kill Her, And How
kimk copy
Kanye West Allegedly Followed The Kid Into The Chiropractors Office, And Beat A Little  LIFE From Him, While Kim K Watched!Now Its Reported That Not Only Did He Beat A Little Life From Him, He Beat ALL THE LIFE From Him.According To Witnesses, Yeezy Stormed Into The Chiropractors Office, Had Kim Identify The Kid.. And Began Hitting  (Get This) .. The SITTING Teen. 30 Times!
— Am I The Only That Feels That Kanye Should’ve Made The Kid Get Up? Or Wait It Gets Better… LEFT HIM ALONE?
I’m Going To Need These ” Stars ” To Get A Thicker Skin. Especially Kim K. I’m Sure You’ve Been Called Worse. *Hints* … Ray J! It Was Also Reported, The Teen Tried Covering His Face, And Curled In A Ball. While The Receptionist Yelled For Yezzy To Stop. The Massage Therapists Came In, Pulled West Off The Kid, And Demanded He Leave. AND ALL KIM K DID WAS WATCH? This Doesn’t Look To Promising For Kanye’s Pockets. I’m Sure A Lawsuit Will Follow.

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