Diddy Shares His Personal Journey During Howard University Commencement Speech [Watch Video Here]

Diddy received an honorary doctorate in Humanities from Howard University on Saturday as he delivered this year’s commencement speech.
Diddy — now Dr. Combs — once attended Howard University however decided to drop out  after his second year to pursue his career in the music industry after an internship offer with Uptown Records.
In his speech to graduates, Diddy said it was that very risk that Howard staff encouraged him to take — even if it resulted in him never finishing his degree.
Because he never finished his degree, many Howard University students did not agree with Diddy delivering the commencement speech to the graduating class. Although there was much controversy surrounding Diddy coming to Howard and giving a speech; he received a warm welcome and a standing ovation as he shared his story.
Watch the video of Diddy deliver his speech below!

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