Did Solange Delete Photos of Beyoncé From Her Instagram? [Photos]

Beyonce and Solange aren’t seeing eye to eye at all !


After the release of video footage of Solange attacking Jay Z  after the met Gala in the Standard Hotel elevator took over every newsfeed in the internet. Today Solange took  to her instagram and deleted nearly every photo of her sister Beyonce from her page. The only photo up of Beyonce was a photo with her next to music video director Melina Matsoukas( seen above) . Although Solange hasn’t spoke out since the leaked video of her attacking Jay-Z in the Standard Hotel elevator; we can assume there is still trouble within the Knowles-Carter family after seeing Solange recent actions on the web. Sources also stated before the fight with Jay Z, Solange got into an altercation with designer Rachel Roy . If Solange removing photos off instagram wasn’t a sign of trouble; the prayer post that Beyonce posted via Instagram (photo below) may have also been a clue of the drama unfolding within their family. What do you guys think? We’ll keep you posted! Check out Solange IG page below: http://instagram.com/saintrecords Photo Credit: Getty Images




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