Remembering Michael Jackson 5 Years After His Passing[slide show & top 5 music videos] WATCH HERE!

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On this day 5 years ago June 25, 2009 the world lost one of the most beloved and talented music entertainers to grace the planet Michael Jackson better known as The King of Pop passed away after suffering cardiac arrest in his home at the age of 50. Although there was much controversy and speculations of what led to his untimely passing we want to celebrate the life & music of The King of Pop leaving all the gossip for the other sites. Instead we have created a slideshow of The King of Pop memorable moments (above )& my top 5 favorite music videos from the the king of pop also below enjoy plus a bonus video! Long live the king #RIP.


5. Rock With You

4. Dirty Diana

3. BAD

2. Remember The Time

1. Billy Jean

Bonus Video:

The Jacksons -Blame it  On The Boogie

Zendaya Speaks Out Against Criticism for not Being ‘Black Enough’ to Play Aaliyah

It has been so much drama surrounding the (possibly) upcoming Aaliyah biopic that we don’t even know where to start. As soon news broke that Disney star Zendaya Coleman would be playing the late Aaliyah, Zendaya’s had to defend herself against harsh criticism. Even several days after the fact, bi-racial Zendaya is still defending herself against critics & fans of the late Aaliyah who claim she isn’t ‘black enough’ for the role of Aaliyah.

TMZ’s cameramen caught up with Zen at the airport. She said: A lot of people say I’m not black enough. Half black is just enough. ?It doesn’t matter what color you are, it’s about how you portray the character. For those that don’t know, Angela Bassett and Tina Turner, they look nothing alike but she was that character so I think that’s what it’s all about.” Her father Kazeme Ajamu also chimed in: And one thing, they’re shooting this in the summer spending lots of time in the sun. She’ll get dark enough. Zendaya’s a talented young lady and we think that it’s only fair to give her a chance to prove herself. After all, if you were a young actress and were given the once-in-a-lifetime chance to play Aaliyah, someone you looked up to, wouldn’t you take the job?

But there’s more drama within Aaliyah’s family due to Lifetime network beginning to make the Aaliyah movie project without contacting the Haughton family never receiving approval from Aaliyah’s estate or family. The Haughton family has threatened to not allow the producers of this upcoming movie to use any of Aaliyah music in the film biopic.  Along with stating they do want an Aaliyah movie created but to premiere in movie theaters worldwide and not the Lifetime movie network stating Aaliyah was/is too big of an Icon for a tv biopic. We’ll see how this all plays out and keep you posted!

Robin Thicke Reveals ‘Paula’ Album Artwork & Tracklisting [Photo]

Robin Thicke announced his new album would be called Paula — and honest admit, we were waiting to see the album cover just to see if it would have Paula Patton’s face on it.
Shockingly it doesn’t.
The 14-track album was written and produced exclusively by Robin himself. Check out some of these titles…

1. “You’re My Fantasy”
2. “Get Her Back”
3. “Still Madly Crazy”
4. “Lock the Door”
5. “Whatever I Want”
6. “Living in New York City”
7. “Love Can Grow Back”
8. “Black Tar Cloud”
9. “Too Little Too Late”
10. “Tippy Toes”
11. “Something Bad”
12. “The Opposite of Me”
13. “Time of Your Life”
14. “Forever Love”
Hopefully the music is good. It would sad if his attempt to get his wife back bombed both at home and on the music charts.

Zendaya to Play Aaliyah in New Lifetime Original Movie: Details

Lifetime is loading up on R&B biopics. Recently after getting the gears in motion for a telepic based on the life of the late Whitney Houston, the cable network has announced plans for a new biopic on the short-lived career of ’90s phenom Aaliyah. Today Monday, June 16, it has been announced that Disney actress and “Replay” singer Zendaya, 17, has been cast as Aaliyah in a new made-for-TV movie about the late R&B superstar, who died at age 22 in a plane crash in 2001. The biopic  entitled Aaliyah: Princess of R&B, based on the bestselling book Aaliyah: More Than a Woman will be a complete story of the “One in a Million” singer’s life and death, from her debut on Star Search to her rise to her fame and, finally, her tragic passing. Sources state the Dancing With the Stars alum Zendaya will appear in the title role, and is set to record four of Aaliyah’s hit songs for the film. Enjoy a mini slide show of pictures of Aaliyah & Zendaya side by side below!


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BREAKING NEWS: Legendary actress and Civil Rights leader, Ruby Dee, has died at the age of 91

Legendary actress and Civil Rights leader, Ruby Dee, has died at the age of 91. Dee died peacefully at her New Rochelle, New York, home on Wednesday, according to her representative, Michael Livingston. Ruby Dee paved the way for African American actresses and won an Emmy, a Grammy and a Screen Actors Guild award. Dee — often with her late husband, Ossie Davis — was a formidable force in both the performing arts community and the civil rights movement. She was friends with Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X and received the Frederick Douglass Award in 1970 from the National Urban League. Davis preceded his wife in death in 2005.
Dee earned an Oscar nomination for her performance in “American Gangster” (2007). She also won an Emmy and Grammy for other work.Some of her credits include starring on Broadway, appearing in Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing” and “Jungle Fever” and in the 1979 TV movie, “Roots: The Next Generation.” Enjoy this slideshow of Ruby Dee throughout her life & career. May she rest in peace.

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New Music Video Feature: Mann – Freedom [WATCH HERE]

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Enjoy this rising California based indie hip hop music artist “Mann” brand new music video for his hit single “Freedom”! Bringing a new pure afrocentric/street hip hop sound and look onto the music seen from the west. Something very spunky & original about his song and persona! We rate this song and video certified #DOPE! Think your video should be the next New Music Video Feature of The Week? Email us: DEEJAYTAKEOVER@GMAIL.COM! Watch the music video below!   Mann – Freedom [Music Video]  

Breaking News: Stevie J of ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ Arrested for Owing Over $1 Million in Child Support [Video]

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Stevie J has been arrested for owing over $1 million dollars in child support.
ONE MILLION dollars!
This is what landed Stevie J behind bars. He and his live-in GF had a kid in ’97 and ’98. In ’99 Stevie was ordered to pay around $6,600 a month in child support, which eventually was raised to $8500K.

According to the criminal complaint, Stevie J stopped paying in 2001 — he’s never paid a cent since then. So now the tab is a whopping $1,107,412.
He was arrested in Georgia, and will most likely be released soon— but he still faces criminal charges in NY.
Check out video of Stevie’s arrest below.

[via TMZ]

Singer Mack Benton has twitter beef with ATL hip hop artist.. over GUNIT collabo [READ HERE]

With all the positive media attention R&B music star Mack Benton has been receiving lately over his banging musical collaboration with G Unit on the new single “Nah I’m Talking ‘Bout”(Remix) you would think all is well for the R&B singer on the rise in Atlanta. However, with the astronomically success of the single there has been some drama stirring up between Mack Benton & upcoming Atlanta hip hop artist Tarris Moten… Mack Benton was recently attacked by Tarris Moten through various tweets.Mack responded to the tweets and it gets ugly(read screen shots of tweets below).OneSixTwo

Now we at deejaytakeover do not want to start any rumors but people within the Atlanta music circle has alleged this artist Tarris Moten was bitter and jealous because Mack Benton became the first artist in Atlanta to do a remix to G UNIT new hit single. Its a lot of drama! We will keep you posted with updates and while you read the screen shots of the tweets; listen to the new single with Mack Benton & GUnit below as well. It’s a banger.SevenThreeFIve (2)


“Nah I’m Talking ‘Bout” G-Unit | Mack Benton [AUDIO]

TLC’s Official Statement On The Rihanna Diss “We Did NOT Diss Rihanna”[WATCH VIDEO HERE]

With all the drama going on surrounding this twitter beef/drama with Super girl group TLC & Pop star Rihanna. TLC has finally addressed the issue during a interview with explaining their side of the story.  It seems the media stirred this story up and it wasn’t diss towards Rihanna just a general statement and the media twisted it to make it seem as if TLC had some bias directly towards Rihanna. Find out what exactly happened in the video below!