Watch: Kanye West Gets Booed During 15-Minute Rant at Wireless Festival [Video]

Kanye West took the stage during  Wireless Festival in London a couple of days ago but quickly realized that unlike the fans that go see his tour — festival attendees aren’t really here for his shenanigans.
During the performance of his song “Runaway,” Kanye interrupted with a 15-minute rant about consumerism and fashion.
“They taking the idea of celebrity and make me seem like I was stupid or something!” the rapper shouted into the microphone at the famous annual music festival.
“I just want to be awesome and hang around my awesome friends and change the world!” he later said.
That’s when attendees began to boo and many even left the show!
“Hundreds of people left the park early because they were so bored of his long rant,” one audience member told the Daily Mail.
People expressed their outrage on social media as well.
“There is a time and a place to get on your soap box @kanyewest and #wireless is not the place,” one person posted on Twitter.
Watch the video below!

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