Phaedra Parks Takes ‘Leave of Absence’ from RHOA After Apollo Nida Admits He Lied About Kenya Moore Texts

kenya-phaedra-apollo just received so news from our sources from the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  RHOA’S Star Phaedra Parks has taken a ‘leave of absence’ following some new developments regarding her husband and his non-relations Kenya Moore.

According to reports from our sources, Apollo Nida admitted to Kenya Moore and others in attendance at a recent taping that the lied about the whole Kenya/text message situation.

“Apollo told Kenya that he sent her text messages because he wanted to have sex with her but after she exposed him, he lied to cover himself and to save face with his wife. Apparently next, Apollo apologized to Kenya wanting to make amends before he went to his home for the next eight years- Jail. The two then exchanges a hug and a kiss. Bravo’s horrid editing team is attempting to make the scene look “romantic” between the two Kenya & Apollo which it was not of course.

Since news hit of Apollo’s confession, Phaedra Parks decided to leave the show so that she can “focus more on her family following Apollo’s prison sentence.” Which means the whole jig is up and Phaedra doesn’t want o deal with scrutiny from the public, fans, & cast members regarding her recent family problems. We’re sure Kenya feels relieved now that people know she was telling the truth the entire time.


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