Azealia Banks Goes Off on TI, Iggy + Black Music Being Smudged Out [WATCH VIDEO]

Social media has been lint up the past day regarding Rapper Azealia Banks new interview with Ebro on Hot 97 the video interview BELOW which went viral started great controversy & celebration in the black music community. Azealia Banks 23, was very honest regarding her feelings as a black female hip hop artist not receiving proper recognizable along with standing up for her fellow black hip hop artists/ musicians stating white artist such Macklemore & Iggy Azalea have taken from black culture gaining Grammy accolades from an art created by blacks, which she states is a prime example of black musicians & culture being  robbed from by white counterparts daily.  Azealia Banks also speaks strongly about her disgusted for Rapper TI calling him a coon for supporting the oppression of black musician through promoting his artist Iggy Azalea . This by far is the most interesting interview we have heard in a long time social conscious a vivid example of the harsh truth of issues we face today WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW.

Bobby Shmurda Indicted On Murder And Gun Charges Held On $2 Million Bond

Bobby Shmurda pleaded not guilty on conspiracy charges of second degree murder, assault, weapons and narcotics. Bobby ENTERED a not guilty plea to the charges. The rapper is expected to return to court January 29 for an arraignment and a $2 million insurance on bail has been set.

Bobby Shmurda, born Ackquille Jean Pollard, was arrested along with several others on Dec. 16 at Quad Recording Studios in NEW York City.

REVOLT CONFIRMED with Kati Cornell, a spokeswoman for the Office of the Special Narcotics, that the rapper and Co. were arrested following a long-running NYPD investigation for shootings and narcotics trafficking.

This past summer, reports surfaced that Shmurda was arrested on a gun possession charge, but no further details came out following the report. Then in October, he was was charged with criminal possession of marijuana.

Also, despite floating reports, REVOLT can CONFIRM that Bobby’s label boss Sha Money XL was not arrested in the sting.

Ray J’s Girlfriend Princess Love Tried To Commit Suicide?

According to TMZ, Ray J called the police, today, after receiving a text from Princess, who threatened to kill herself. Ray, who said he was on “high alert” after his friend Earl Hayes recently took his own life, took the warning very seriously because he keeps a gun in his house.
Apparently the “I Hit It First” singer had broken up with Princess and she didn’t take it well. Yesterday on the “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” reunion aired and Princess said she’d never leave Ray, no matter what he does.
Cops checked on Princess but she was not home. Ray J reassures she is OK. We hope Princess gets the help she needs.


You know we are not only the #1 website for independent music artist but we are your biggest source for mainstream celebrity news happening right now Rapper Lil Kim took to Facebook to publicly blast R&B Singer K. Michelle. This has to be the week of Legends versus new comers from Diddy altercation with Drake; To today K. Michelle recently had a radio interview with Power 105 The Breakfast Club speaking not so kindly about Queen Bee ” Lil Kim” Calling her plastic & delusional along with alluding Lil Kim ask K. Michelle to be God mother of Lil Kim’s baby. So much Drama well of course all would not be quiet for long Lil Kim reluctantly lashed back on her Facebook  to fans about K. Michelle rant regarding her on The Breakfast Club. Check out this screen shot pic of Lil Kim’s Rant Below:

lil kim


So much drama…. Can’t we all just get along. We’ll keep you posted on this news check out more screen shots in our slide show below.

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About over a month ago I had the opportunity to spend a week in New York City doing press work at CMJ Music Conference 2014; one of the biggest music conference in the world. I interviewed numerous artist from across the country but for the first time we had the pleasure to interview with a representative of a Taiwanese music company rep Krystal Yang, CEO of EINSOF Marketing Group at our Taiwan Music Express. She represents three of Taiwanese biggest pop, rock, & hip hop stars.

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A-Lin a female Taiwanese pop singer with an audience equal to  Alicia Keys, Ascent an talented rocker & internationally known entertainer, & Dwagie a Taiwanese award winning rapper, songwriter, & television personality whom recently released a new single with hip hop artist Nas. We sat at CMJ & spoke with Krystal Yang about this international Marketing Group, Taiwanese music culture & music. I would  write more but listen to the interview below & get into music by all three Artist A-Lin, Dwagie, & Ascent after hearing our interview.  Stay tuned this Sunday at 8pm ET to Deejaytakeover Radio on to hear more about Taiwanese music & culture open your minds.






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Update Breaking News: Todd Tucker of Real House Wives of Atlanta Mother Miss. Sharon Has Died Today of A Sudden Stroke Todd Tucker Speaks On IG

We have sad news to share Todd Tucker of Real House Wives of Atlanta Mother Miss. Sharon Has Died Today of A Sudden Stroke. According to sources Miss Sharon suffered a stroke at her residence in NYC a family friend found her & rushed her to the hospital where Miss Sharon slipped into a coma she passed away today due to complications from stroke. Todd took to IG to confirm the passing of his mother stating with photo  “Today I lost my partner, my ride or die my best friend! I don’t know what to do? I’m lost! My heart hurts so much! She was a fighter, a warrior for her son! It was me and her against the world! She’s in a better place!! Mom I love you to death! Rest in peace!”  Very sad news we do send our condolences & Prayers at this time. Prayers to Todd Tucker & Kandi Burruss Family…

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