Toya Wright & Memphitz Are Getting A Divorce. Memphitz Now Living In L.A.

Twitter : Tammie328
Instagram : tkayoh

Every thing that glitters isn’t gold ; I already seen this one coming since 2011 when they got married . Toya Wright Ex wife and baby mother to rapper Lil Wayne & Memphitz notorious allegedly abusive ex beau of R&B soultress K. Michelle, are now heading for divorce. We should of seen this coming even before their marriage; being all of the Drama that went on with Memphitz and r&b singer , and Love & Hip Hop star K.michelle . As we all know she admitted to being abused by Memphitz. . Well 🐸☕️

Now that Somebody or shall we say Memphitz told TMZ of the mini power couple break up it’s all out in the open.

” Lil Wayne’s baby mama Toya Wright is about to be single once again … because TMZ has learned she’s separated from music producer hubby Memphitz … and they’re now living 2,500 miles apart. ” –

The fact that this couple is in the public eyes makes everything come out . Sad when you see a nice couple & they can’t make it through . But we all know that old saying “everything happens for a reason”. Memphitz has definitely relocated to L.A & rumor has it Toya is looking for a new Atlanta home. Neither side has filled them papers yet , but clearly they are DONE ..

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