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Watch: Jay Z & Beyoncé Release Cinematic Trailer for ‘Run’ [Video]

Jay Z and Beyoncé are set to kick off their joint ‘On the Run’ tour in a few weeks.
Despite all the recent family drama, they’re not letting that ordeal get in the way of making their tour money and have released a new trailer entitled “Run” — which is set to their song, “Part II (On the Run).”
The trailer was directed by Melina Matsoukas features starring roles from Sean Penn, Blake Lively, Emily Rossum, Jake Gyllenhaal, Rashida Jones, Kidada Jones…and of course Jay & Bey themselves.
Watch the video below!

Update: Jay Z & Solange Knowles: Jewelry Shopping Together… All for given?

Damage control or publicity stunt? Either way it seems things are slowly coming back together for the Knowles-Carter Family

Jay Z and Solange Knowles went looking for jewelry together Tuesday afternoon at a high-end NYC jewelry store … according to TMZ Sources connected with the store say Jay and Solange were in Mr. Flawless, where they were looking for women’s jewelry for around 20 minutes. Eyewitnesses  told the two showed no signs of strife, and looked at gems with Mr. Flawless himself. They looked, but tried nothing on. Both Jay Z & Solange left the store without buying anything.

Jay and Solange didn’t speak much inside the store … they allegedly browsed quietly for the most part.


Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2014/05/13/jay-z-solange-jewelry-shopping-beyonce-mr-flawless/#ixzz31eSgzIQT

Beyoncé & Kelly Rowland Surprise Unsuspecting Karaoke Singers in Miami [Photos]

Beyoncé & Kelly Rowland surprised two unsuspecting karaoke singers and their sleeping friend on Tuesday evening  at Sing Sing karaoke bar in Miami, Fla.

photo 5

On the night of Blue Ivy’s birthday, Bey showed up to the karaoke bar with Kelly,  Jay Z, Timbaland, and a few others. They were taken to a private VIP room, but, Bey decided to go pay a visit to one of the occupied rooms!

That’s when Beyonce and Kelly made their way down to a room where the occupants happened to be singing Bey‘s hit “Party” and walked in.

It took a moment for the girls to realize who just entered their room.

“They start dancing together, but they have no idea who it is,” owner Kellie Pilicer told the Miami New Times. “And all of a sudden one of the girls looks at kelly and says, ‘Oh, you look like Kelly Rowland’ and then she looks at Beyonce and goes ‘Oh my god!’”

Beyoncé & Kelly posed for a few photos with the girls (and their sleeping friend) before leaving.

photo 1

Watch: The Making of Beyoncé’s Album: ‘Self Titled Part 2′ [Video]


Beyoncé takes us behind the music again with part two of her ”Self-Titled” mini art feature. The feature is comprised of several parts that give us a glimpse into the entire project.

It details her mind-set and artistic vision throughout the making of BEYONCÉ.

Watch the video below!!