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New Music Drake premiered his response to Meek Mill “Charged Up” Diss Track (LISTEN HERE)

Well in all things hip hop after Meek Mills took to twitter this past week accusing platinum selling Rapper Drake of not writing his own material sending social media buzzing Drake remained peaceful & timid with response. Just as the accusations began to calm down Drake pulls a fast one releasing a new diss track to Meek Mills entitled “Charged Up”. Drake premiered his response to Meek Mill moments ago on OVO Sound Radio also on his official YouTube Channel. Although the track seems subliminal its obviously triggered towards fellow Rapper Meek Mills. As his YouTube description section for the song states “Drake premiered his response to Meek Mill moments ago on OVO Sound Radio”. Drake Meek Mill Diss”. Shots have officially been fired listen below! Are you Team Drizzy or Mills? Comment below!!

Singer Mack Benton has twitter beef with ATL hip hop artist.. over GUNIT collabo [READ HERE]

With all the positive media attention R&B music star Mack Benton has been receiving lately over his banging musical collaboration with G Unit on the new single “Nah I’m Talking ‘Bout”(Remix) you would think all is well for the R&B singer on the rise in Atlanta. However, with the astronomically success of the single there has been some drama stirring up between Mack Benton & upcoming Atlanta hip hop artist Tarris Moten… Mack Benton was recently attacked by Tarris Moten through various tweets.Mack responded to the tweets and it gets ugly(read screen shots of tweets below).OneSixTwo

Now we at deejaytakeover do not want to start any rumors but people within the Atlanta music circle has alleged this artist Tarris Moten was bitter and jealous because Mack Benton became the first artist in Atlanta to do a remix to G UNIT new hit single. Its a lot of drama! We will keep you posted with updates and while you read the screen shots of the tweets; listen to the new single with Mack Benton & GUnit below as well. It’s a banger.SevenThreeFIve (2)


“Nah I’m Talking ‘Bout” G-Unit | Mack Benton [AUDIO]

T.I. & Floyd Mayweather Jr. Get Into a Chair-Throwing Brawl Over Tiny in Las Vegas: ‘Control Your B*tch’ [Video]

Several witnesses watched as T.I. and Floyd Mayweather got into a physical altercation at a Fatburger in Las Vegas early Sunday morning. Watch The Video of the altercation below!
According to TMZ:
T.I. took a swing at Floyd Mayweather Jr. and it caused a chair-tossing brawl in the Fatburger on the Vegas Strip early Sunday morning … TMZ has learned … and we’ve obtained multiple videos.

According to several witnesses … Floyd was eating inside the restaurant when T.I. walked up and started jawing at Floyd.

It’s unclear what caused the beef, but we’re told T.I. swung at Floyd … their giant bodyguards jumped in to separate them … and then the all out melee began.

At one point you hear Floyd telling at T.I., “control your bitch.”
Las Vegas PD arrived just as Floyd was leaving and we’re told T.I. was already gone.

Police confirm a Fatburger employee was slashed and suffered a minor injury during the fight, but he refused treatment and did not want to cooperate with investigating officers. In other words … no snitching.

A rep for T.I. had no comment about the fight.
Now, we hear that the entire incident started over Floyd getting a little too friendly with T.I.’s wife Tiny.

Caught on Tape: T.I. & Killer Mike Confront Apollo Nida in a Parking Lot Over ‘Snitching’ Accusations [Video]

Apollo Nida compared himself to T.I. and has learned that was a big mistake.
Yesterday, TMZ reported that Nida entered a plea deal with the Feds in his bank fraud and identity theft case which would require Nida to talk to his informants and help cops catch other people involved.
Apollo agreed to be a snitch to save himself jail time.
Apollo then tried to compare his deal to T.I.’s on Twitter, saying that Tip and Michael Vick both entered similar ‘snitching’ deals.
T.I. doesn’t play that, so instantly TI and his boy Killer Mike went to confront Apollo in a parking lot about what he stated to set the record straight while recording the whole ordeal on tape.
Basically, T. I. and Mike punked Apollo and shut him all the way down.
Let’s just say that we’re sure Apollo won’t ever mention T.I.’s name again.
Check out the video below! What do you think about all this drama?

Tamar Braxton & K. Michelle Go At Each Other Again…For The Umpteenth Time [Photos]

So much for the so-called peace between rivals Tamar Braxton and K. Michelle. The ladies got into it again this week sharing a series of shady tweets and Instagram posts.
This drama seems to have started after K. Michelle posted a seemingly innocent tweet about minding her own business.


There was nothing really wrong with that tweet originally, until K. followed up with the below IG post that really set things off between her and Tamar.Screen-Shot-2014-05-05-at-9.31.49-AMShe captioned the photo of Kermit the Frog, saying:
Lord, please keep me In your loving arms. I’ve been good. I’ve shown support. Haven’t bothered anybody. I even went to watch the new movie “Muppets most wanted” and Miss Piggy continues to mess with me. I just wanna sing. No more jumping gates, I even do yoga now. I’m trying Miss Piggy though? Lol
Tamar and her fans caught wind of K. Michelle’s shade towards Tamar and got a few words in of her own.tamartweets

the drama continues…

Tamala Jones Splits from African Dictator’s Son, Ending Rumored Love Triangle With Porsha Williams

It was just a few weeks ago that actress Tamala Jones went off on Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Porsha Williams for allegedly trying to steal her man, Teodoro Ngeuma.
Now, it has now been confirmed that Tamala and Teodoro are no longer an item.
A fan tweeted Tamala,
“Who is dumb enough to let you go?”
She responded with:
“Correction … I let him go … Had enough of the bs!”
By ‘bs’ does she mean she got sick and tired of sharing her man? It wasn’t that long ago she warned Miss Porsha to back up off what ‘belongs to her’. In a tweet she later deleted, Tamala wrote:
“Miss Porsha Williams … Now you know you should shame the devil & tell the truth! U grew up in the church & lying was never [ok] … You may have a man, but the one your [sic] claiming belongs to me! Check your pr or your head but don’t step on my toes.”
As of recently, she says she feels ‘liberated’ and ‘free’ now that she’s a single woman.
Porsha has been adamant about the fact that she and Teodoro never even knew each other, let alone dated….but that’s not what we heard!
Do you believe Porsha had something to do with Tamala’s breakup?
[via Radar Online]

Comedic Twitter Drama : Mike Epps Calls Kevin Hart Overrated, Kevin Goes IN on Mike [Photos]

Comedians Kevin Hart and Mike Epps are having beef again on Twitter…
The drama began after Mike called Kevin overrated during a radio interview. Mike was asked by the DJ’s on K104′s Dede in the Morning Show to name an overrated comedian and Mike named Kevin. He said:
“In this business right here, sometimes marketing can be bigger than talent. This business is not about being funny.”
Mike’s comments were brought to Kevin’s attention and then Kevin let loose on Twitter blasting Mike Epps in a series of  post .
He blasted Mike (read from bottom up):

kevin hart

kevin 2

OH BOY! Why can’t we all just get along! What do you guys think about their beef?


R&B Singer Joe Claims R. Kelly Tried to Sabotage His Career [Video]

During an interview with Vlad Tv R&B singer Joe claims “The Piper of R&B a.k.a The king of R&B But better known as R. Kelly  tried to sabotage his career in the past, Joe alleges the problems started back in the day when Kelly said he wouldn’t work with people who played Joe’s music.  He states in the video “It’s funny because I was getting credible information from [program directors] and friends of mine as well. This guys had no idea these were my friends as well that you are talking to. And, as if they are really going to stop playing my record because you said if you don’t stop playing his record I’m never going to come back to this show,”….

DO YOU THINK R. Kelly is shady? Could these allegation be true? Watch the video below!

“Blasphemous” Clip Erased From Katy Perry Video?

– McKaileah Lee
Apparently, The Video Of  Katy Perry’s Chart-Topping Song ” Dark House ” Wasn’t A Such A Big Hit.According To The Angry ” Fans ” That Took To Twitter With Demands To Have The Video Banned katy perry copyFrom The Internet. A Petition On Change.org Was Even Started, Which Ultimately Did Lead To The ” Offense ” Clip Being Removed From The ‘ Dark House ‘ Video. Shazad Iqbal, Was One Of The Many People To Speak Out On YouTube, Saying  “At 01:15 into the video Dark Horse; a man is shown being burned, whilst wearing a pendant (also burned) forming the word ‘Allah,’ which is the Arabic word for God,” Iqbal Described Perry’s Cleopatra-inspired Persona As An Opposition to God That “engulfs the believer and the word God in flames.” — Katy Perry’s Debuted Last Week, And The Petition Quickly Follow, And Has Gained More Than 60,000 Supporters. Wednesday The Iqbal, And His 60,000 Man Army Declared Victory, As The Video Was Removed.. And Reloaded Digitally Removing The Offense Content. Iqbal Than Wrote, “We couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support so I thank each and every one of your deeply, our voices have been heard!”  — Katy Perry Later Released An Statement Dismissing Everyone Saying, She Was  “just trying to give a beautiful performance about a place I have so much love for … with no other thought besides it.”
 I’m Glad Everyone Received What They Wanted, So Can Gracefully Move On.. What’s Your Opinion? Do You Think The ‘ Dark Horse ” Video Was Offensive? Watch her video below.