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Did Solange Delete Photos of Beyoncé From Her Instagram? [Photos]

Beyonce and Solange aren’t seeing eye to eye at all !


After the release of video footage of Solange attacking Jay Z  after the met Gala in the Standard Hotel elevator took over every newsfeed in the internet. Today Solange took  to her instagram and deleted nearly every photo of her sister Beyonce from her page. The only photo up of Beyonce was a photo with her next to music video director Melina Matsoukas( seen above) . Although Solange hasn’t spoke out since the leaked video of her attacking Jay-Z in the Standard Hotel elevator; we can assume there is still trouble within the Knowles-Carter family after seeing Solange recent actions on the web. Sources also stated before the fight with Jay Z, Solange got into an altercation with designer Rachel Roy . If Solange removing photos off instagram wasn’t a sign of trouble; the prayer post that Beyonce posted via Instagram (photo below) may have also been a clue of the drama unfolding within their family. What do you guys think? We’ll keep you posted! Check out Solange IG page below: http://instagram.com/saintrecords Photo Credit: Getty Images




Tamala Jones Splits from African Dictator’s Son, Ending Rumored Love Triangle With Porsha Williams

It was just a few weeks ago that actress Tamala Jones went off on Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Porsha Williams for allegedly trying to steal her man, Teodoro Ngeuma.
Now, it has now been confirmed that Tamala and Teodoro are no longer an item.
A fan tweeted Tamala,
“Who is dumb enough to let you go?”
She responded with:
“Correction … I let him go … Had enough of the bs!”
By ‘bs’ does she mean she got sick and tired of sharing her man? It wasn’t that long ago she warned Miss Porsha to back up off what ‘belongs to her’. In a tweet she later deleted, Tamala wrote:
“Miss Porsha Williams … Now you know you should shame the devil & tell the truth! U grew up in the church & lying was never [ok] … You may have a man, but the one your [sic] claiming belongs to me! Check your pr or your head but don’t step on my toes.”
As of recently, she says she feels ‘liberated’ and ‘free’ now that she’s a single woman.
Porsha has been adamant about the fact that she and Teodoro never even knew each other, let alone dated….but that’s not what we heard!
Do you believe Porsha had something to do with Tamala’s breakup?
[via Radar Online]

Game and T.I. In INTENSE Standoff With LAPD After Fight [VIDEO]

The Game and T.I. were involved in a stand-off with the police last night in Los Angeles after a few of their homies were denied entrance to the club.
A group of guys — who we’re told are “mutual acquaintances” of both Game and T.I. — were denied entrance at Supperclub. The guys started arguing furiously with security when one member of the group punched at a security guy. You hear the punch at the beginning of the fight video. Security for the club then descended on 2 members of the posse, beating them to a bloody pulp even at one point kicking one of them in the face as he layer down on the ground.LAPD cops were present during part of the fight … along with a group of off-duty officers who were working at the club. and that’s when it got crazy  An raging T.I. and Game stormed out of the club … mistakenly believing COPS beat their guys up. They got into it big time with the LAPD and that’s when the standoff begins  and it was on the verge of erupting into violence. Two men who were injured were taken to LAPD’s Hollywood division but no one filed charges so they left. You hear people screaming “Bloods” and “Crips” in the videos … but we don’t know if this was gang related. But it was definitely bad.

Watch the 2 videos below:

[Updated] Porsha Williams Charged With Assault, Turns Herself In [Mugshot Photo]

Porsha Williams has been charged with assault and a warrant for her arrest has been issued — both stemming from her fight with Kenya Moore during the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion.

UPDATE: Porsha has already turned herself in to Atlanta authorities and was charged with misdemeanor battery. She was released after posting a $2,000 bond.

Original TMZ story below….

ATL cops are going after Porsha over a fight she had with Kenya Moore on the set of the show. Porsha allegedly attacked Kenya, who filed a police report. The show has the raw footage, and that was enough to charge Porsha with misdemeanor battery — thus the warrant.
Porsha’s lawyer, Joe Habachy, tells TMZ she will surrender Thursday.
Also sources have stated Porsha plans to go after Kenya … she wants the D.A. to file felony aggravated assault charges against Moore.
Do you think Porsha getting her hands on Kenya was worth getting arrested over? This is crazy! Remember to tune into the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion this coming Sunday night to see the whole altercation play it.

‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Cast Threatens to Walk if Porsha Williams Gets Fired

Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta may have been renewed recently for a seventh season, but producers might have to go on a search for a few more housewives. According to sources, all the women (except for Kenya Moore) have threatened to quit the show if producers move forward in firing Porsha Williams over her fight with Kenya.
Sources very close to the show tell also says the women hatched their plan this weekend at Kandi Burruss’ wedding … telling the show’s producers how much they despise Moore due to all the drama she create throughout this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta.
Sources also told since the brawl, ALL housewives’ contracts for next season have been put on pause — until show producers figure out what to do with Porsha.
However sources says the women of the show have made it clear … they’ll walk if Porsha gets fired …  also NeNe Leakes and Phaedra Parks are making a plan to get Kenya fired instead.
Oh Boy The Drama! I can’t wait to see what happens next! Do you think Porsha will get fired?

Kenya Moore’s 911 Call After Assault by Porsha Williams Released [Audio]

All parties involved have been silent for the most part regarding the fight between Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams during the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion taping — but now Kenya’s call to 911 has been released to the public courtesy of TMZ. During the call, Kenya calmly confirms that Porsha hit her in her head. Take a listen to the audio below. Screen-Shot-2014-03-31-at-1.55.23-PM

Rapper ‘ The Game ‘ Accepts Challenge To Fight George Zimmerman

– McKaileah Lee
@McKaileahLee_the game copy
George Zimmerman Has Been Dubbed A ‘ Celebrity ‘ .. And Has Accepted A Fight Promoters Challenge In A Celebrity Boxing Match. Saying ” He’d Love To Fight Rapper DMX ” Yes, You Read Right. DMX! — However, When The Rapper The Game Heard About The Fight, He Instantly Made It Known That He Wanted In.On The Behalf Of Trayvon Martin, And The Martin Family.Well, Today Feb.3 Game Made An Appearance On TMZ, And Formally Accepted The Challenge.
 — Check Out The Video Below.

Kanye West Allegedly Punched Teen More Then 30 Times While Kim K Watched!

– McKaileah Lee

This Story Just Keeping Getting More And More Intense. It Was Reported Earlier In The Week,  A 18 Year Old Apparently Called Kim Kardashian A ” N***** Lover ” And Reportedly Threatened To Kill Her, And How
kimk copy
Kanye West Allegedly Followed The Kid Into The Chiropractors Office, And Beat A Little  LIFE From Him, While Kim K Watched!Now Its Reported That Not Only Did He Beat A Little Life From Him, He Beat ALL THE LIFE From Him.According To Witnesses, Yeezy Stormed Into The Chiropractors Office, Had Kim Identify The Kid.. And Began Hitting  (Get This) .. The SITTING Teen. 30 Times!
— Am I The Only That Feels That Kanye Should’ve Made The Kid Get Up? Or Wait It Gets Better… LEFT HIM ALONE?
I’m Going To Need These ” Stars ” To Get A Thicker Skin. Especially Kim K. I’m Sure You’ve Been Called Worse. *Hints* … Ray J! It Was Also Reported, The Teen Tried Covering His Face, And Curled In A Ball. While The Receptionist Yelled For Yezzy To Stop. The Massage Therapists Came In, Pulled West Off The Kid, And Demanded He Leave. AND ALL KIM K DID WAS WATCH? This Doesn’t Look To Promising For Kanye’s Pockets. I’m Sure A Lawsuit Will Follow.