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It’s Official, Fans Of Rapper Lil Boosie Can Stop Screaming ” FREE BOOSIE “

  – McKaileah Lee – @McKaileahLee_
Rapper Lil Boosie Has Been Released From An Louisiana Penitentiary, Wednesday Night.Penitentiary Warden Confirms The Released Of Rapper Lil Boosie, Legally Named Torrence Hatch, Was Released At 7:10pm.
 lil boosie copy
He Was Then Transferred To A St. Francisville Sheriff Department Where Family Member Awaited His Arrival.— He May Be A Free Man, As Fars As, Monitored Peeing And Eating. But He’ll Remain On Parole Until 2018. Lil Boosie Is Scheduled To Attend A News Conference On Monday, Organized By Atlantic Records. We’ll Keep You Updated On Everything Lil Boosie, As Information Becomes Available.