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Azealia Banks Goes Off on TI, Iggy + Black Music Being Smudged Out [WATCH VIDEO]

Social media has been lint up the past day regarding Rapper Azealia Banks new interview with Ebro on Hot 97 the video interview BELOW which went viral started great controversy & celebration in the black music community. Azealia Banks 23, was very honest regarding her feelings as a black female hip hop artist not receiving proper recognizable along with standing up for her fellow black hip hop artists/ musicians stating white artist such Macklemore & Iggy Azalea have taken from black culture gaining Grammy accolades from an art created by blacks, which she states is a prime example of black musicians & culture being  robbed from by white counterparts daily.  Azealia Banks also speaks strongly about her disgusted for Rapper TI calling him a coon for supporting the oppression of black musician through promoting his artist Iggy Azalea . This by far is the most interesting interview we have heard in a long time social conscious a vivid example of the harsh truth of issues we face today WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW.