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Chris Brown Makes Music in Jail w/ James DeBarge

According to  recent reports, Chris Brown is making the most of his time in jail with James DeBarge. R&B Singer James Debarge is also an inmate at L.A. County Jail and is Chris’ cell neighbor in a segregated unit for high profile inmates.

According to witnesses  both James & Chris have been collaborating on music and have already written three songs, performing them during the long days … with fellow cellmates harmonizing.

This something very interesting … they can’t see each other. It’s all about the sounds.

You know why Chris is behind bars. As for DeBarge he’s been jailed due to drug convictions.
The idea of Chris Brown and James DeBarge having a jailhouse rock party makes me laugh a bit .
[via TMZ]

It’s Official, Fans Of Rapper Lil Boosie Can Stop Screaming ” FREE BOOSIE “

  – McKaileah Lee – @McKaileahLee_
Rapper Lil Boosie Has Been Released From An Louisiana Penitentiary, Wednesday Night.Penitentiary Warden Confirms The Released Of Rapper Lil Boosie, Legally Named Torrence Hatch, Was Released At 7:10pm.
 lil boosie copy
He Was Then Transferred To A St. Francisville Sheriff Department Where Family Member Awaited His Arrival.— He May Be A Free Man, As Fars As, Monitored Peeing And Eating. But He’ll Remain On Parole Until 2018. Lil Boosie Is Scheduled To Attend A News Conference On Monday, Organized By Atlantic Records. We’ll Keep You Updated On Everything Lil Boosie, As Information Becomes Available.