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Kirk of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta “Allegedly” Has Love Child With Nanny

– McKaileahLee

Let’s Talk Drama. Not Only Has Love & Hip-Hop Fallen Apart, With This Seasons Utter Foolery. Mimi’s Sextape, Stevie’s ” Fake Marriage ” , And Karlie Sucking The Skin Off Of Yung Jocs Finger At The Dinner Table.. Like Ew!

Now, There’s Stories Of Kirk Frost,( Husband Of RaSheeda ) Circulating Of Possible Cheating, And Having A Baby? With The Waitress/Nanny?

We Thought That Hour Of Love & Hip-Hop Was Messy. Just Imagine The Hell Kirk’s Going Through Right Now With RaSheeda’s Mother. I Just Hope He Didn’t Leave His Bike In The Drive-way.. Cause All Know How That Ends.
But Wait, Lets Recap. Wasn’t Kirk Just Swabbing His Son’s Mouth? To Clarify Whether That Baby Was His? And This Fool Pulls This Stunt. Regardless If The Stories True Or Not, This Could Have Been Avoided. Simply, By Keeping That Waitress Out Of His Home. Your Suppose To Tip Or Waitress, Not Dick Your Waitress.
— Whether This Story True, Neither Parties Have Confirmed.

But Guys, Give Us Your Feedback. How Do You Feel About This Story. Do You Think It’s True? If So, Do You Think It’s Just A Way For Waitress To Get Noticed?