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Racist L.A. Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Suspended Indefinitely from NBA + Multi-Million Dollar Fine. [Watch Official video of Press Conference Here]

The L.A. Clipper owner Donald Sterling has been fired. Indefinitely from The NBA! Breaking News… Live on TV NOW!! Story Developing…

UPDATE: The NBA has indeed suspended and Bans Donald Sterling for life. His fine has been set at $2.5 million and he does not have to sell the team. His ban was confirmed just moments ago during a Live press conference held by the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.The NBA is also ‘urging’ a forced sale of the Clippers. Watch official video of Press Conference below article.

Sources entangled with the scandal tell TMZ Sports:
We’re told the suspension does NOT include members of Sterling’s immediate family, but the NBA will have approval rights on who is running the team. We’re told Commissioner Adam Silver had a forensic expert review the recording and found no evidence it was altered and confirmed Sterling’s voice. Also sources states … an NBA investigator spoke with Sterling via phone after we posted the recording and the Clippers owner agreed to sit down for a follow-up interview but then changed his mind and backed out. Also, Stiviano told NBA reps the same thing we’ve reported … that she had Sterling’s consent before she recorded him. One source tells us the fine has been tentatively set at $5 Mil.