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Demand a federal investigation of Sandra Bland’s death(Click Here Sign Petition)

In the wake of the death & recent funeral of Sandra Bland a 28 year old activist allegedly murdered by hands of Texas police. The public wants true answers as to what happened those faithful three days leading up to her death. Video footage clearly shows  Sandra was under arrest for absolutely nothing the cop in the video is overly aggressive then after verbally attacking her the police is video taped physically abusing Sandra while putting her into custody. She became wrongfully imprisoned for 3 days just for failing to signal after she says clearly in  video her reasoning for not signaling was because the officer who pulled her over was tailgating her on the road.  With video footage of Sandra being pulled over by the police officer earlier this month for failure to signal then mysteriously dying in police custody has caused a fire storm with the world at large  the public wants answers. Its seems obvious this young woman was not suicidal but yet another black being verbally & physically abused at the hands of the police before being savagely murdered. The Texas police continues to cover their traces with edited video & mugshots. The public & world at large wants justice for Sandra Bland with a full investigation.  Although its difficult to become personally involved there is an opportunity to make a difference  through getting this case fulling investigated on a federal level below click the link & sign this petition for a full federal investigation in the alleged murder of Sandra Bland. We want peace but we can’t find peace without justice.