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Caught on Tape: T.I. & Killer Mike Confront Apollo Nida in a Parking Lot Over ‘Snitching’ Accusations [Video]

Apollo Nida compared himself to T.I. and has learned that was a big mistake.
Yesterday, TMZ reported that Nida entered a plea deal with the Feds in his bank fraud and identity theft case which would require Nida to talk to his informants and help cops catch other people involved.
Apollo agreed to be a snitch to save himself jail time.
Apollo then tried to compare his deal to T.I.’s on Twitter, saying that Tip and Michael Vick both entered similar ‘snitching’ deals.
T.I. doesn’t play that, so instantly TI and his boy Killer Mike went to confront Apollo in a parking lot about what he stated to set the record straight while recording the whole ordeal on tape.
Basically, T. I. and Mike punked Apollo and shut him all the way down.
Let’s just say that we’re sure Apollo won’t ever mention T.I.’s name again.
Check out the video below! What do you think about all this drama?